Class Pass : Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Chicago

Jessica Swiggum Goldman
Owner and Instructor at All About Dance

She makes everyone feel better.
“Jess’s zest for life is infectious! She always has a huge smile on her face and people want to be in her presence because the world is a happy, bubbly place when she’s around. She loves to dance, teach and mentor. She gives her students everything she has to give, hoping that she can influence them in dance and in life. I was just talking to her about choosing a school for her children and she said, ‘I want to find a school that leads with love.’ That pretty much sums her up! -Whitney S.

She makes you want to move.
“She has more energy, spirit, positivity and real goodness in her than any other instructor I take class with (and I exercise at least three hours a day!). Her dance moves are second to none. She choreographs a legitimate dance for the week and then you dance to it. It’s as if every class you’re part of an adult company. Jessica rocks!” -Donna K.

She brings love to every room.
“I have known her for many years now and she has always been the bright dancing light in any room, sharing her love, kindness, enthusiasm and knowledgeable skills and moves to all who are blessed enough to have her in their lives. She has background and skills like no other. You can actually feel the spirit of her dance when she teaches. Jessica makes us all want to dance forever and is a true believer in all her students and loved ones.” -Kristin L.

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Rebecca Penton